Search for records

  1. Select the Search icon Search to search your records. A Search workspace with a basic search form is added to the Workspaces bar:

    Simple Search form

  2. Select a module from the top drop list:


  3. Enter your search term in the Search field:

    A simple search

    Your search term can be as simple as a single word or it can be one or more of a range of search types (phrase, stemming, phonetic, etc.), employing wildcard characters, and case sensitivity for instance.

    When building a search term, options include:

    • NOT: exclude records where this term appears in the search field.
    • Phrases: return records which include an exact phrase in the search field.
    • Phonetic: return records that contain terms in the search field that sound like the search term (particularly useful with names).
    • Case sensitivity: only return records where the case (upper / lower) of the search term matches the case in the search field.
    • Wildcards: * (substituting for one or more characters), ? (substituting for a single character), and so on.

    These search options can be used alone or in combination.

    All of the searches employ special characters such as *, ?, ", @, !, ~ and =. Because Axiell Go is Unicode compliant, it is possible to search for these characters, and we must therefore indicate when their special meaning should apply. We do so by escaping these characters with a backslash (\).

    The following advanced searches are possible with Axiell Go:

  4. Select Search to run the search


    Press Enter if you have a keyboard.

By default search results are presented in a Grid View (a table): each row in the table is a record, and each column a field (or combination of fields) in the record.

See Viewing Search Results for details.