For users

Axiell Go provides web-based and mobile access to your Axiell Collections Management Systems (CMS). For users managing records (adding, editing) and looking for information (searching), Axiell Go provides sufficient access to your Axiell CMS in a simple to use, flexible, web-based app on any device. Axiell Go is not intended to be a replacement for your desktop CMS however, and some complex collection management tasks and certain tasks commonly performed by Power Users will continue to be performed in the desktop client.

If you are new to Axiell Go or require an overview of its user interface and functionality, the place to start is Getting started. There you will find assistance to guide you through most everyday tasks, as well as an explanation of the User Interface you will encounter when performing these tasks. More advanced information is provided elsewhere in the Help:

Don't forget that Axiell Go provides web-based access to your EMu desktop CMS and that comprehensive help for EMu is available here.